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Hurt on the Job?

Jacksonville Workplace Injury Attorney

If you have been hurt on the job, no one is going to do you any favors. Your workers' compensation or health insurance claim may not cover the full extent of your loss. You may not get straight answers from insurance companies, and they may try to minimize the compensation they pay out. As a result, you may not receive all of the compensation you need and deserve.

If your injury happened because of the negligence of a third party, however, a new potential source of compensation opens up one that can possibly compensate you for your emotional losses and pain and suffering, as well as your financial losses.

Radloff & Radloff, P.A. has extensive experience with workplace injury cases, workers' compensation and third-party claims in Northeast Florida. We work to maximize the compensation our clients receive from all sources.

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Help for Those Who Suffer Workplace Injuries

Radloff & Radloff, P.A. has helped thousands of people who have suffered serious injuries in construction accidents and on-the-job mishaps obtain compensation for their losses. Whether the injury was caused by the negligence of a subcontractor, a defective tool or product, or a vehicle, the key to success in a third-party claim is to identify the true source of liability.

Our lawyers carefully investigate the cause of your accident. When needed, we call in safety experts, construction engineers and other consultants who can identify how the accident happened and provide compelling testimony in court. We also work to identify the total extent of your injuries and suffering to include those in your claim.

Maximizing Your Compensation from All Possible Sources

Our attorneys have extensive experience in third-party and workers' compensation claims. Sometimes, it is better to pursue claims through both channels. We can advise you on the best path to take, and represent you with the aim of maximizing the compensation you receive. Whenever you are hurt on the job by the negligence of a third party, it makes the most sense to claim compensation from that source as well.

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